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Gallery: Bagheera- During Construction

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Laying out her hull and sides

First layer of skin

First of four layers of strips of marine mahogany

Laying out the hull

Hull after a sanding

Hull after a sanding

Ready to start the decks

Getting ready to transport

Working to flip her over in the sling

Right side up in the sling, ready for the trailer

Moving her onto the trailer for the first time

Moving her onto the trailer

On the trailer, ready to have her engine lowered in

Painted and getting her fittings

Prep for having the engine installed

Finishing the interior coat

Dropping in her engine

Engine in place

Deck construction begins

Building out the deck

Deck frame is starting to take shape

First layer of deck in place

Aft deck getting framed

Deck boards must be perfectly spaced

Letting the deck boards set and dry

Building the center cockpit seat

Building the aft cockpit seat

The foredeck is finally set

Beautiful deck already- perfectly parallel lines

Heading out for paint

Heading out for paint

Custom exhaust tips in place

Meticulously sanded, ready for a mirror finish


First coat on- finally, some color!

Ready for the final coats

Perfect, glassy finish- what a transformation!